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Industry Update
Internet Security Intelligence Briefing - November 2005
Find out the latest trends in e-commerce, web usage & the latest threats from adware/Spyware

Phorm, Webwise and OIX
- BCS Security Forum

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February 2007 - VeriSign Security Review
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Privacy laws and Business: International e-Newsletters :

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PL&B International E-news, Issue 57
28 June, 2007
© Privacy Laws & Business 2007

  1. The Art. 29 Data Protection Working Party discusses SWIFT, search engines' retention policies and the definition of “personal data”
  2. Argentina appoints a new Data Protection Commissioner

Read Issue 57

PL&B International E-news, Issue 56
15 June, 2007
© Privacy Laws & Business 2007

  1. Privacy International criticises web company's privacy policies
  2. Spain's largest ever data protection law fine
  3. European Commission reviews Argentina's adequacy status

Read Issue 56

PL&B International E-news, Issue 55
6 June, 2007
© Privacy Laws & Business 2007

  1. Dubai's Data Protection Commissioner demands registration by 30th June 

Read Issue 55

PL&B International E-news, Issue 54
10 May, 2007
© Privacy Laws & Business 2007

  1. France's CNIL Fines Tyco Healthcare for giving false information and non-cooperation
  2. European Court of Human Rights gives judgment on an employer's monitoring of an employee's personal communications  
  3. Italy's DPA issues legally binding rules on employee monitoring
  4. EU takes action against three states for data law deficiencies
  5. Dubai Data Protection Regulations now published

Read Issue 54

PL&B International E-news, Issue 53
12 February, 2007
© Privacy Laws & Business 2007

  1. Dubai Announces New Data Protection Law

Read Issue 53

PL&B International E-news, Issue 52
9 February, 2007
© Privacy Laws & Business 2007

  1. EU Data Protection Supervisor Rules on SWIFT Secret Data Protection Breaches

Read Issue 52

PL&B International E-news, Issue 51
21 December, 2006
© Privacy Laws & Business 2006

  1. Luxembourg users of SWIFT assure DPA of compliance with EU DP law

Read Issue 51

PL&B International E-news, Issue 50
27 November, 2006
© Privacy Laws & Business 2006

  1. EU stops banks sending data to USA

Read Issue 50

PL&B International E-news, Issue 49
17 November, 2006
©Privacy Laws & Business 2006

  1. Belgian Data Protection Authority finds SWIFT in Breach of DP Law
  2. World Data Protection Commissioners urge action
  3. Inter-American Court Rules on Right to Know in Convention

Read Issue 49

PL&B International E-news, Issue 48
13 October, 2006
© Privacy Laws & Business 2006

  1. Italy's Data Protection Authority stops TV show on politicians' drug use
  2. $1million fine for US child privacy violation
  3. France's CNIL uses its new fining power for the first time (update)
  4. US and EU reach interim PNR pact

Read Issue 48

PL&B International E-news, Issue 47
5 October, 2006
© Privacy Laws & Business 2006

  1. France's CNIL uses its new fining power for the first time
  2. Canadian Supreme Court Calls for Stronger Privacy Commissioner Powers
  3. Russia's new DP law to enter into force in February 2006

Read Issue 47

PL&B International E-news, Issue 46
24 July, 2006
© Privacy Laws & Business 2006

  1. Russia adopts European-style data protection law

Read Issue 46

PL&B International E-news, Issue 45
24 July, 2006
© Privacy Laws & Business 2006

  1. SWIFT Interbank financial network responds to US regulator's secret demand for data
  2. EU Art. 29 DP Working Party provides clarification to USA's SEC on whistleblowing
  3. UK Information Commissioner issues new guidance on transferring personal data out of the European Economic Area

Read Issue 45

PL&B International E-news, Issue 44
1 June, 2006
© Privacy Laws & Business 2006

  1. European Court of Justice declares the EU/US air passenger data agreement illegal

Read Issue 44

PL&B International E-news, Issue 43
3 May, 2006
© Privacy Laws & Business 2006

  1. Ireland's Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform drafts new Privacy Bill
  2. First Spam decision in Latin America
  3. Agencies are not protecting citizens' security rights, says the US Government Accountability Office
  4. European Data Protection Supervisor presents second annual report
  5. Singapore government set to produce recommendations as to efficacy of sectoral privacy laws
  6. South Korea tests ways to stop Internet crime
  7. Bahamas expects EU adequacy declaration when DP law comes into effect

Read Issue 43

PL&B International E-news, Issue 42
1 March, 2006
© Privacy Laws & Business 2006

  1. Art 29 DP Working Party adopts Opinion on whistleblowing schemes
  2. PL&B's Washington Director, Jane Horvath, appointed Chief Privacy Officer at US Department of Justice
  3. AOL sues gangs in Virginia, USA, over identity thefts, using new law

Read Issue 42

PL&B International E-news, Issue 41
February 20th, 2006

© Privacy Laws & Business 2006

1. Honeywell investigates major security breach
2. Hackers attack Greek government mobile phones
3. ChoicePoint receives largest civil penalty in FTC history
4. Nicole Kidman's paparazzo avoids giving DNA sample
5. Review of Australian Privacy Act 1998
6. US Bill would force websites to delete personal information
7. IAPP hosts national summit in Washington, DC
8. PL&B offers Binding Corporate Rules & HR privacy workshop

Read Issue 41

PL&B International E-news, Issue 40
January 30th, 2006

© Privacy Laws & Business 2006

1. New Italian law requires Internet cafes to record ID information on clients
2. Australia to introduce legislation to aid information exchange in an emergency
3. Federal Trade Commission releases progress report on US Congress's antispam law
4. Google fights US Government over demand for search records
5. Boston man steals eBay customers' identities
6. Tasmania: Another Australian State adds data protection law
7. Government of British Columbia hosts 7th annual Privacy and Security Conference

Read Issue 40

PL&B UK E-news, Issue 39
September 12th 2005

© Privacy Laws & Business 2005

1. Private sector access to public sector information
2. Northern Irish data protection scam
3. Assurances given over Jersey's population register scheme
4. Publication of new guide to freedom of information law in Scotland

Read Issue 39

Privacy Laws & Business International E-news, Issue 34
January 14th, 2005

© Privacy Laws & Business 2005

1. Australian Privacy Commissioner calls for review of Privacy Act
2. Argentine court permits webcam
3. Germany: Instant dismissal for private use of the internet during working hours

Read Issue 38

Privacy Laws & Business International E-news, Issue 37
July 14th, 2005

© Privacy Laws & Business 2005

1. France's CNIL refuses to authorize whistle-blowing to US HQs
2. Sweden responds to the changing interface of DP and IT
3. Dutch libraries weigh RFID benefits against privacy threats
4. 40 million credit cards vulnerable to fraud

Read Issue 37

PL&B International E-news, Issue 36
April 6th, 2005

© Privacy Laws & Business 2005

1. Japan's data protection comes into force
2. EU approves guidelines for anti-fraud databases
3. Europe urged to promote data protection officers
4. Spain teams up with US in fight against spam
5. US agencies publish security response guidelines

Read Issue 36

Privacy Laws & Business International E-news, Issue 35
February 17th, 2005

© Privacy Laws & Business 2005

1. European regulators launch privacy consultations
2. European Commission mulls internal privacy restructuring
3. Hungary's privacy chief speaks out against data protection law
4. Europe launches anti-spam initiative
5. Former Sonera executive face illegal surveillance charges
6. Choicepoint consumer data hacked

Read Issue 35

Privacy Laws & Business International E-news, Issue 34
January 14th, 2005

© Privacy Laws & Business 2005

1. EU to toughen up privacy controls
2. Industry data transfer contracts get official approval
3. Dutch regulator levies record spam fines

Read Issue 34

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