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Before the party join VeriSign for a series of presentations taking place during the conference

RSA Conference 2006 – VeriSign speaker sessions

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Intelligent Network Infrastructures to Strengthen and Protect Digital Identities Across Private and Public Networks Intelligent Network Infrastructures to Strengthen and Protect Digital Identities Across Private and Public Networks

Date: Wednesday 25 October 2006
Time: 13:30-14:10
Technical Level: Basic
Abstract: Today's internet is an indispensable communication, content and commerce tool for our global society. As new Web 2.0 services like blogs and the real-time two-way web take their place on the Internet, the problems of sharing, securing and protecting personal identities are becoming centre stage. Nico Popp will discuss the emergence of new identity services that can secure digital identities across consumers, enterprises, and their business partners.
Moderator: Nico Popp, Vice President, Advanced Products, VeriSign Security Services

Raising the Bar: The Impact of New High Assurance SSL Standards and Browsers
Date: Tuesday 24 October 2006
Time: 11:00-12:10
Technical Level: Technical
Abstract: The explosion of Internet fraud has created intense interest in new techniques to verify identities. The next generation of browsers will prominently display SSL information, helping to further raise consumer awareness of online security. Businesses must be prepared to meet rising consumer demand for elevated levels of security. Join some of the authors of the new High Assurance browser security standards and developers of Internet Explorer 7 as they discuss next generation browser interfaces, stronger authentication standards, development of High Assurance SSL certificates and how they will impact both consumers and businesses.
Rob Franco, Program Manager, Internet Explorer, Microsoft
Siddharth Bajaj, Director, Advanced Products and Research, VeriSign, Inc.

Achieving Trust through Mutual Authentication
Date: Tuesday 24 October 2006
Time: 11:00-12:10
Technical Level: Intermediate
Abstract: The continued growth of e-commerce, online banking, and similar Web-based transactions has created an unprecedented opportunity for online business - and for online criminals as well. A new generation of authentication techniques has emerged to create strong, mutual authentication between the Web site and the visitor. Be sure to join us to for this educational overview of High Assurance SSL Certificates, two-factor authentication, and other technologies that help visitors confirm they're connected to the genuine site they want and sites confirm the only visitors logging in are the real thing.
Tim Callan, Director, Product Marketing, VeriSign Inc, VeriSign Security Services
Mike Davies, Marketing Director, EMEA, VeriSign Security Services

Identity Verification: The Prerequisite to Trusted Online Transactions
Date: Tuesday 24 October 2006
Time: 11:00-12:10
Technical Level: Intermediate
Abstract: Economic activity is moving online, making it critical to have trusted digital identities for people, companies, applications and devices. What happens when two parties without a prior relationship want to transact business or when organisations want to federate identities? Third-party ID verification can alleviate some of the technical, management and liability issues, enabling trusted transactions.
Ryan Kalember, Regional Technical Manager, VeriSign Security Services
Greg Salyards, Assistant Director, GeoFederation
Neal Creighton, President and CEO, TC TrustCenter

Real-world Two-Factor Authentication
Date: Wednesday 25 October 2006
Time: 11:15-12:25
Technical Level: Intermediate
Abstract: While many organisations (both private and public sector) want to move to two-factor authentication, and the benefits of such a move in terms of improved security are undeniable, the practicalities still need to be worked through. This insightful panel will discuss practical alternatives of consumers having a pocketful of tokens instead of a notebook full of passwords
Moderator: Dave Birch, Director, Consult Hyperion
Larry Hamid, Chief Technology Officer, MXI Security, A division of Memory Experts, International
Ronald LaPedis, Product Marketing Manager, SanDisk
Art Shelest, Sr. Security Engineer, Citrix
Siddharth Bajaj, Director, Advanced Products and Research, VeriSign, Inc.